Thursday, April 5, 2012

09 : Hope

March went by just like that! *snap* But I enjoyed the month. It was rather an interesting month for me. It was the month where I found hope. Hope is a very big word. Everyday, everybody prays and hopefully they will have hope for anything they want. Having hope can shape someone because with hope, you'll have the determination to go on with something. Some would rather be blinded by hope and not accept the reality. Because sometimes, you'll be happier when there's hope rather than watching reality tears you apart. Afterall, we only have 1 life and just want to be happy. Who knows, we might be able to change the hope to reality. So as I mentioned earlier, I found hope. But what hope? Good hope? Bad hope? Honestly, I don't even know.

Hope was everywhere during March. My friend, E told me about maxis scholarship. Telling me how maxis is giving scholarship for student to pursus their studies in Melbourne Uni. Now, that's one new hope that I might not have to do twinning in Monash. But I wouldn't mind studying in Monash. But at least I have another option to try and see if I can go to overseas straight.

2nd hope. I met A. D keeps telling me I might stand a chance. But I'm sort of letting go of this hope. I don't know. Maybe I can't take what happened in my past anymore. I'm still haunted by it. I'm very very afraid. But I'm glad I know you but maybe deep down in me, I hope you'll give me hope. Just maybe.

The slightest hope is still hope.