Wednesday, November 23, 2011

03 : What they taught is different from what we have to solve!

I was in the midst of doing my tutorial. Pure Mathematics 3 - TRIGONOMETRY. Yes, trigo. It's fun to do but it's a bitch now! I was trying to solve the questions in the tutorial and I thought I wanted to take my lecture to refer. Turns out, what I learned in lecture is not even close to what I have to solve. -.-" I realised, most of the lecturers these days, taught us the basics, then just dump difficult questions to us. Result? - DEMOTIVATED, DISCOURAGING, FELT LIKE YOU ARE THE STUPIDEST CHILD ON EARTH! O.o

Lecturers never spend time to look at difficult questions then teach us the technique to attempt the question. Instead, they just teach the basics and then done. I had to look up to the internet to get solutions. Thank you, Internet. No matter what it is, I'll still respect you, teachers and lecturers. :) & thankful for what you have given and taught me. Without you, I won't be able to fulfill my dreams!

Monday, November 21, 2011

02 : People

Today was quite a day for me. I did not waste any of my time by doing nothing. I woke up pretty late and went to the imigration to have my passport done. What I saw when I was at the imigration today was not something very nice to see. Hahah! It's the people in the imigration. Whether the officers or people who came to have their passport done like me.

Officers - Looks grumpy, and even raised their voice when we couldn't hear what they were saying. Please, it's not my fault, the place was so noisy and crowded. Noise especially from the children.

Speaking of those children, parents please control and teach your children how to bring themselves up in the public. Seriously, the public place like the imigration is not a place for your children to shout and run around like it's their own house. We don't blame the child for they don't know how to differentiate which place is right to run & scream around and which place isn't. So, it reflects on you, parents on your parenting skills and also reflect your personality. If the child wants to run and scream at a park, that's fine with the society. But at the imigration office? I don't think so. The last thing you want is for people to say you have bad parenting skills and the people around you finds your child annoying. Even the cutest child can be annoying when they annoy people.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

01 : Starting new

I've deleted all my previous posts cause I want this to have a new kind of thing instead of writing what is going on with my life. Trust me, facebook is enough to find out. The purpose of writing this blog is to tell the world what I perceive in the society today, in this millenium. It's 2011 now. I need to remind myself that so that when I look back at this post in maybe a few years or 30 years time, I can see the change in my perception towards society, the world and things in life. To see if I have grow up or did I become worst or better.

What actually hit me to start this whole thing all over again is the long journey back to JB from Seremban. I've completed my AS exams and now waiting for results which is next year Jan. Yes, I'm very scared but I have to be positive and I will get into Monash University with my A-levels results. Yes, I will. Anywyas, my life seems to be like a roller coaster since the start of 2011. I didn't exactly enjoy the ride. I mean there were those happy times, but there were also quite lot of teary moments. I'm not going to mention who are the ones that made me cried all the time because I don't see the point of doing so. But I shall say some of those moments were because I was being childish and I was having too much expectation. Never let yourself have hope or you'll have expectation. When you don't meet your expectations in an event, you'll never be happy even if the people around you thought the whole thing was good. Then you'll upset the people around you because you were upset & dissappointed that the event did not turn out to be how you imagined.

Another thing I realised is never get too excited over something in a short period of time. It's bad news. Cause in the end the thing you were excited for transforms into something sour and bad. Anyways, I don't see how this post is heading anywhere so yeahh, toodles!