Tuesday, May 29, 2012

010 : Selfishness & Inferiority

When was the last time you actually look at the person beside you and ask, "How are you?" As humans, we tend to get caught up with our own problems that we overlooked that there are people out there who are facing difficulties far more worse than us. Maybe that is how society is today already.We are all so selfish about what is best for us. What about people out there who don't have a choice? Children going hungry in poor developed countries. Children losing life since young because of war. Is power, money and influence so important today? Why do we overlook the biggest error we've made everyday? But tend to care more about the small ones? So what if you get your power? Does it really make a huge change? Yeah, a change in your life but think about the amount of life out there you took away because only you, one person wanted what you want. Even if we don't look at the bigger picture, just look at daily life is enough. You don't have to be a dictator to just destroy someone's life. Attitude, can do the same.

Is it really a thing for people nowadays to make weaker people feeling inferior? Why do you do that? So that the weaker ones will look upon you and respect you? Is that the sort of respect you want? Or rather, is that the way you gain your respect from others? Sometimes, have you ever wonder that it is not that the weaker ones were respecting you but cause they rather not start a fight? Do you feel insecure, that's why you need to step on their head so that they won't do it first? But, bear in mind, there are people out there who never bothered to step on your head. There are really people out there who made friends sincerely, not because you're rich, smart or famous or anything good. In fact, my mum always taught me to make friends sincerely not for benefits. But, I guess today, it's so hard to change this mindset. Individuals talking to those who are rich, girls dating rich guys cause they were materialistic, guys cheating on girls who are rich for the same reason. But in the end, what do you get, really? Are you even happy with the relationship, regardless as friends or couple. The activities and events you do together, were you even genuinely happy with it? No, I can assure you, the answer is no. Why? Because everything is fake from the start! Look down upon the weaker ones and the next thing you know, your so called great "friends" backfire you. & the weak ones whom you looked down upon are the ones that held out a hand sincerely to help.

Why the heck I rant all those up there? Well, cause I'm the victim. From my experience, I  have encounter people made me feel very very inferior. They look down on me because I'm not applying to overseas universities but instead going to Monash University, Sunway Campus and will be getting a transfer to Australia. There are a lot of things I had to take into consideration if I want to go to overseas. & with the economy today, my dream is unallowed. But that doesn't mean I'm not good. & there was once I sincerely wished one of my friend good luck for exam, no reply but he replied someone else. You can say I'm a little bit oversensitive but this is not the first. Everything I say, they doubt cause I'm not smart enough or cause I'm not a straight A student. But does all this really matter? Isn't having a sum of everything is what's important? So what if you have impeccable grades but you don't have a social, fun life? That sucks. To me it is. But I need to thank people like this in my life that makes me a fighter. Stronger and determined to prove that I will do better in future and will be a successful person!

Watch me climb to the top. Even if you don't bother to, then fine, watch me from below when I'm at the top.

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