Wednesday, August 8, 2012

011 : Super bestfriend or just Friendzone?

It has been long since I last visited this blog. Honestly, I never had the time to blog about what I feel everyday or what I do. So, as I said before, I'm just gonna blog about stuff that I see in general. This blog is not going to be any personal blog but, anything that I blog about, experience & examples are all real life experience.

From the title of the post, what do you think? ( I don't even know why I ask that question since I don't publish my blog for anyone to see) Anyways, I tried to avoid this topic but guess I just had to. I have come to a realisation that super bestfriend & friendzone are completely TWO different situation. Oh I'm quite experience when it comes to the friendzone topic. It's either I friendzone people or people would friendzone me. Honestly, I really don't mind being friendzone at all. When you are friendzoned, that's when that guy suddenly come up to you and say, "You're really a very good friend" or "You're really my good friend you know" or " I really treat you as my very good friend" Yapppy yappy yappp & yappp. Seriously guys? It's not necessary to deliberately come to me to EXPLAIN or MAKE IT CLEAR that you are friendzoning me. The fact that we hang out so much of time & yet you did not do anything, we know you have already friendzone us. So, you can save that energy alright?

Okay, so the thing about friendzone. Here's the trick. When you are being friendzoned, you both can be crazy best friends, hang out together and talk. But when one of you find that someone special, that very "good" friend of yours or how you are a good friend to that person will just go *poof* Nope, no more hang outs, no more talks. NOTHING. So, that's the friendzone trick.

Super bestfriend? I guess you can say that, if that guy and you are super crazy bestfriend, eventhough both have their own partner, you still have stuff to talk. I don't know, this is just my theory. Super bestfriend is when you can just say ANYTHING. Anything you want to say. & the most important thing is that, you never get tired of seeing him/her every day. & you both will always have something to talk about. It's like you are more than just friends but not in a relationship. But, you are comfortable talking to that person. & you don't mind showing all your ugly sides or flaws and yet, that person still accepts who you are. Besides, you both never & once again I say, NEVER, talk about relationship at all.

You can argue and say that, cause both have not found the right one yet. Correct, that's a very good argument. Like I said, it's MY theory & my definition of super bestfriend & I'm using only 1 example. Bestfriend between a guy & a girl. You can be such good friends that people around you & who don't exactly know you automatically thinks you both are couple. You have people coming over to tell you that you both look good together or you both look alike. First hand experience here. & cause you both are such good friends, you don't even bother explaining anything to people who speculated. It's like you just don't care at all. Best part is, you both never had any awkward situation when people come over and ask whether both of you are in a relationship. See what I mean? That's my definition.

To define even more clearly, you can say that, you both love each other & you both need each other & you both have each other's back but there was no spark at all to ignite a relationship. However, you both know that, when there's something to share, the first person in mind you want to share with is that bestfriend of yours. Or when you're unhappy & you needed someone to talk to, that's when you look for that bestfriend of yours. Or, you know your bestfriend is unhappy and that's when you know when to just listen & let him/her express whatever she wants to express. You both are there for each other. & the distance is not a matter at all. It's almost like a couple but you are not and at the same time, you are not ordinary friends. There's something inside there which both of you can't deny. & there is a possibility that both might like each other, but both of you just don't bother bringing it up cause you both are so comfortable with what you both are now. You don't need to bring her for a dinner, you don't need to plan dates, you don't need to hold her hand, you don't need to show it on facebook that you are in a relationship, you don't need long phone calls, you both are just not tied down in a relationship but you are comfortable doing things together, go on a vacation, do silly stuff, explore, etc. In short, you both are not attached to each other & there is no obligation involved. You can do anything. You can choose not to text him/her cause you can do anything you want cause the fact is, YOU ARE STILL SINGLE. But, deep down inside you, you know that, the bestfriend of yours is someone very important in your life. You love him & he loves you too. But it's a very different kind of love. You both are like soulmates but not exactly soulmates. It's something very hard to decipher but you have to be the one to experience it, then you'll get it. It's not a good thing but it's not exactly bad at all. In fact, you'll find the thrills in it & sometimes you'll feel like you are the luckiest person to be able to have somebody who is like your family & more than a friend to be there for you.

Things might change once that bestfriend of yours find someone as his/her partner. However, cause you are such good friends, you won't be treated as if you are friendzoned. :)

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