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012 : Travelog01 : KL-Singapore-JB

A friend of mine suggested that I turn my whole blog into a travel blog since I love to travel & he thinks people might find it interesting. Well, I'm a very lazy blogger so I'm not so keen about the idea but guess there's no harm trying. But at the same time, I'm not gonna turn my whole blog into a travel blog. It'll be a mixture of it. I'll still talk about general stuff when I want to. I'll pick the latest vacation I went, Universal Studio Singapore!

It all started with a random day when a group of us were bored of studying & suddenly thought of life after A-levels! So the 4 of us, Daniel, Eugene, Shuana & I thought about Matthew at Singapore! Of course, we wanted to pay him a visit then we came up with the whole plan about going to Singapore & Universal Studio Singapore (USS). After some time, Shuana thought about Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) & she expressed her interest to go there.

So our journey starts at KL! Not exactly actually. It actually starts at Rock Cafe where we had breakfast! Then, we put our luggage at Daniel's crib cause we will be having a sleepover there & head to KLIA together early in the morning!

We took the LRT to KLCC. At KLCC, we went to Charlie Brown Cafe actually just for the cute latte designs. & yes, I love the store's concept! You should visit that cafe! There are outlets at KLCC as far as I know & one outlet at Singapore. GO TRY! THEY HAVE SUPER CUTE DESIGNS!

Then, we continue our adventure by using the bridge that connects Pavillion & KL! Next station? Baskin Robbins! We ordered the Baskin Robbin fondue for RM 49.90 & guess what?! It's LARGE! Pretty cheap for an ice cream fondue in my opinion. & it's definitely worth the money! Go and try! :D
We wanted to go to the Aquaria but cause there was no time as we need to rush back home for Mama Yeap's awesome dinner! We had Italian for dinner & boy the lasagna was good! Thumbs up! Sorry, Mama Yeap doesn't have any outlet. Invitations only. Skip whatever happened at Daniel's.

Next morning, KLIA! We had McD breakfast! Then boarded the plane, which is Jetstar. They have quite comfy seats though. I slept like a pig & looking very ugly. We landed at Changi Airport & the first thing we did was took the MRT and went to Clarke Quay to look for our place to stay. We stayed at Citybacpackers hostel & to be honest, it's a good place. They have very good hospitality but you need to fight for breakfast which we did not do it. But I would definitely recommend this place if you ever want to go to Singapore.

We met up with Matthew's aunt, Joyce & had lunch with her. Then we headed to the famous Orchard Rd! If you are into shopping, you must stop by at Orchard Rd especially during sales season. I'm not kidding! After Orchard Rd, here comes the craziest moment. & I admit, I was cranky. We couldn't find National Museum of Singapore. & no one was there to help except for Matt. But in the end, we found it & it's free for students! It's definitely a good museum & a must visit museum! They have very good architecture design. I'm not an art kind of person but I like it! I have yet to visit the Peranakan museum & other museums in Singapore if I ever find the time & a group of friends who are interested.

Then we headed to Harbour Front to visit Gardens By the Bay. Again, a very good concept & a very serene place. They introduce different types of flowers & they are all of course, beautiful. I would recommend this place as well if you come in a group of with your loved ones! Then, it's dinner time! I forgot the place of the restaurant but the food they serve are average. Not to say it's super delicious but at the same time, it doesn't suck. After dinner, we surprised Daniel with a cake for his birthday was on the 7/7 . It's still JULY!

Next stop, Marina Bay Shoppe! We watched the waterworks show. It's free & quite creative. Not exactly my favourite activity of the day but it's good. Then we headed back to citybackpackers to rest. It was indeed a tiring & eventful day.

1st day pictures :

Charlie Brown Cafe
Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Fondue

 2nd day at Singapore! :

Gardens By The Bay
National Museum Of Singapore

Okay, moving on. The 3rd day of our adventure - UNIVERSAL STUDIO SINGAPORE. Not going to exactly go into details but before we went to Universal Studio Singapore, we dropped by at Vivo City & Maritime Museum. Both are good places to visit! Universal Studio Singapore, all I can say is that, the Cylone & Mummy ride is GOOOD! So, go and try!

On the 4th day, we went to the Harry Potter exhibition which I think is quite a good experience & they brought in actual clothes tha were use during the sets! Exhibition ends on September 30th 2012. Then we headed back to JB using the 160 bus & went to Desaru (beach) . We had seafood for dinner at Pengerang and it's GOOOOOOOOD!

The next day, we went to JPO & since Shuana, Daniel & Eugene are leaving the next day, daddy brought all of us to the Bierhaus which is a German pub at Johor Jaya. We had pork knuckle, pizza, & some sausages! YUM! We tried Paulaner (imported beer) & had some other beers as well. Daniel, wanted to try bottoms up so thanks to him, I had my first bottoms up experience. I wouldn't say it's bad cause at last, I know how it feels like to bottoms up. But, I puked like crazy. Hahahha! But t'was a good experience.

& the very next morning, we had breakfast at some mamak stall at my housing area then sent them off to the airport. This is trip is definitely a trip that brought lots of memories & in future when we think back, I'm sure we will all felt like it was just yesterday we had the trip. I love you guys so so much!


Maritime Museum

Parade at Universal Studio Singapore

The crazy roller coaster ride!

Yummy chocolate mousse at The Bierhaus

Pork Knuckle! @ The Bierhaus

Inside Harry Potter exhibition (pictures can be taken only up to here)

Universal Studio Singapore!

Vivo City


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