Saturday, August 25, 2012

014 : Sunway Taekwondo Night 2012

To take charge. To organize an event. I always attend events. Never ending events. & when I attend all these events, the first thing attract me are, decorations. Then as the event go on, I'm not like the rest where they talk among themselves, go to the toilet to take pictures. Instead, I sit down & admire the crew or rather the organizing committees. I respect them cause they were able to pull of a great event. So it sort of motivated me to try and organize and event and be the president of the organizing committee! Opportunity came & I grabbed it. Sunway Taekwondo Night 2012. I initiated the idea to continue the legacy left by our seniors whom organized the Sunway Taekwondo Night 2011 as an inaugural.

Talk about experience, I gained a lot. In terms of people & handling problems. I realised, you can never impressed or make everyone happy! Even your own committee team. There are always disagreement in ideas but this has taught me how to keep quiet and listen. Listen to what they have to say instead of just cutting them off halfway. Listen, then discuss properly. It is the minor problems that were causing most of the problems actually. Another thing is, be patient & don't panic.

So, I've organized an event last two week on the 8th of August 2012! It's Sunway Taekwondo Night 2012! Though there were ups and downs throughout the preparation, but everything paid off! The event was successful except for a few minor error & technical difficulties & a little bit non-supportive people. But, we made profit at least! It's a non-money sponsored event & all the income were based solely on tickets sales. Hence, I sincerely thank all the guest who supported us and made the event possible. In another words, made me believe in my dreams & tell me that if you want something, work for it & it will come out successfully! This definitely has motivated me even more to organize more events! Maybe events that can help people!

It started a bit late because some VIPs were late. Then as usual, there were speeches by some people. Then we started of with our emcees of the night, Chloe & Adrian to introduce themselves & welcome everyone! There were slideshows presentation to look back at events that the Sunway Taekwondo Club & Monash Taekwondo Club had done. It's sort of a throwback thing. After slideshows, everyone went to grab dinner! We had spagetti, fried rice, fish fillet & many more! Everyone enjoyed the food cause, honestly, it's goooood! Later, we proceed the event with performances such as dance, singing & even comedy! Sort of our Malaysian version of Russel Peter xD

Later, we continued with the lucky draws & award presentation. Congratulations to all the winners! We had, best dress award, best couple & the Man & Lady of the Night award! Everyone had fun & I'm glad everyone did! The post & feedback about how they enjoyed the night definitely made my day! Decorations for the night was good as well! We had fire & snowflakes to represent our theme, Fire & Ice! Lots of credits to the deco team! I'm so proud of my committee team & I thank them so much for walking this path with me & help fulfill my vision! Without them, there would be no Sunway Taekwondo Night 2012! Thank you all! They are, OJ, Khang Yi, Si Hao, Joseph, Yilyn, Ashley, Mino, Darren, Elaine, Daniel, Yunny, Hebi, Chloe & Adrian!

However, there were some downfall during the event such as, no mic stands, stage lights not off during slide show presentation. No one to handle the music. It was a mess but it's quite good for a first timer like me. Then, the PA came in late & I stuttered during my speech. Like seriously?! This is not good. I need to practice giving speech cause I foresee myself giving more speech in the future! So, I gotta work on the way I prepare next time if I'm going to organize any event. This event has definitely become a stepping stone for me to organize more & better events!

Trophies for the awards!

Thank you Monash Exchange Students from Australia for supporting the event! & congratulations on winning some awards! 
Our event logo!

Our emcees! Chloe & Adrian

Table decorations :)

Photo booth


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