Saturday, August 11, 2012

013 : Club

Finally, I clubbed. I've always wanted to try but couldn't find the right time & the right people. So last night cause of the Sunway Taekwondo Night 2012 I organized, there was an after party. Initially I did not want to go. But then I changed my mind because I thought, I shouldn't be a party pooper and there were so many seniors around that asked me to go. I just entertain and said okay.

We went to Aquasonic. Nope I did not drink much and nope I did not go crazy. I danced a little bit with my friends & I observerd a lot. Since I've always wanted to experience how clubbing feels like, so I want to observe the surroundings. Sounds like some FBI eh?

What I realized is, girls are crazily exploited & taken advantage on. Guys go around girls and rub their body against girls & if girls that offered to do so to the guys, of course guys won't reject. But if the guy is a gentleman, I believe he will.

Crazy drunktards around. Rude people. Loud music. Smoke all around and now my hair STINKS! I would say, it's not the kind of entertainment I would opt for. I rather go over to a friend's place to drink & chat. I would rather go out and have a nice decent lunch with a friend & chat for hours. Those are the quality meets where you can talk and not shout at each other's ears. So guess I'm old-fashion afterall. Teehee!

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